Easy, Breezy Curtains

The rising sun shines through my kitchen windows. That warms the kitchen in the winter, but makes it hot in the summer. Plus, I get blinded by the light! I had to solve that problem. Here is my solution!


I love the ribbon and buttons on the bottom!


I so cheated at these curtains! At least the bottom part.

The blue top I did years ago and yes, I sewed them.

The bottoms are no sew! Well, I ended up sewing mine, but it wasn’t my intent. I just didn’t have what I needed to make mine no sew. I’m giving you directions for both ways. These are also cheap!!!! Less then $2 a curtain! Here’s how to do it.

Whatcha Need

  • Flour cloth  (I found mine in the kitchen section of Fred’s. $5 for a pack of 5!)  Or you can use dish towels in your kitchens theme.
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Adhesive spray
  • Fabric paint to match buttons
  • Hooks

Putting It All Together

1)I had to iron my cloths first.

2)Then I measured the ribbon by pulling it as long as the curtain. Follow direction on the fabric adhesive to apply ribbon.

3)Decide where you want to place buttons (I just eyeballed this), then add a little fabric paint to the back of button and press gently onto ribbon. Let dry. My fabric adhesive decided to clog up on me and I didn’t have the paint I thought I had, so I just sewed mine in place.

This part you will have to sew just a little, so you will need a needle and tread.

4) To hang the curtains, cut ribbon to the length you wanted the loop. Make a loop with the ribbon and place button on top; sew in place. Sewing gives it a stronger hold.


5) Decide where you need to place the hooks on your windows, screw in and hang your curtains. These 3 took me less then 1 1/2 hours to make. Remember, I sewed everything.

When I want the opened, I just take down one side and let them hang.


Please don’t pay any attention to how dirty my windows are! Hopefully, they will be replaced soon!

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!


Hearing from you makes my day!