Christmas Kitchen

I really do love to decorate the house for the Christmas holidays. Every year I have plans of decorating every room in the house. 

Well, at least every room in the downstairs gets decorated. 

The upstairs are our bedrooms and baths, so I usually don’t get to them, except to put out a couple of small things. I think I’m going to have to change that since they are becoming guest rooms. 

But, this isn’t about the upstairs. It’s about the kitchen! 

WP_20131211_037 The cabinets always get some fresh garland and touches of red with poinsettia. The past two years I also had lights up there, but my lights were burned out. :( 

I’ll have to get some more next year. 

See the Santa in the lower what-not shelf. I made him out of a blown out light bulb. The old fashion light bulb. 

WP_20131211_036More garland above the plates. Those stackable Santas on the top what-not shelf are my favorite.

WP_20131211_035All my decorations are either up high or behind my when I stand at the sink to wash dishes, so I can’t enjoy them. Santa keeps me company. I made this Santa, too. His face is a painted wooded heart. 

WP_20131211_034I change out the mini mason jar salt and pepper shakers for Santa and Frosty. The Christmas tree dish makes a great spoon rest.

WP_20131211_032 This is really a luminary. I thought it would be a pretty good utensil holder.

WP_20131211_029Here is my new favorite decoration. I got the idea from Kelly at Talk of the House . Let me tell you about it. 

The cookie jar I have had for a while. It is one of those that plays music when you take the lid off. At least it used to. If you look closely, you can see the crack in the face. Will was trying to sneak a cookie one year and dropped and broke the lid into 6 big pieces. He was still in elementary school. He tried his best to glue the lid back together, so I wouldn’t notice. LOL

WP_20131211_031This is the idea I got from Kelly. It’s a hot chocolate bar.

I tore open the individual packages of hot chocolate powder and put it in a pint mason jar. Then I found an old Christmas card and cut out a circle to fit the lid. I love the message of these card. Santa is kneeling before Jesus in the manger.

The Santa mug is one I got the twins before Dillon was born. They got matching ones. I put candy canes in it and you can use them to stir the hot chocolate and give it a peppermint flavor.

I also bagged a handful of mini marshmallows and tied them with red ribbon. The spoon, of course, is for getting the hot chocolate powder out of the jar. All are on a red, plastic plate. Nothing fancy, but it is fun to have out! 

WP_20131211_028Just a wider angle of the counter. Oh, I have the Christmas oven mitts out in the basket. The gingerbread house next to the hot chocolate bar is a wax warmer and smells so good!

Well, that’s my little Christmas kitchen. Nothin’ elaborate. Now, to bake some cookies!

Merry Christmas! Love ya,


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  1. Patricia Absec says:

    Loving how you use the ‘little things’ to decorate for Christmas in other rooms besides a living room. I have a mini-tree in each room of the house ($1 at thrift stores) and it just seems the smaller things put the right festive touch on everything!

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