Frosty Snowman Globe

Remember these?


Look what I made with them! 


You won’t believe where I got the inspiration for this cute snowman.  

NOPE! Not Pinterest! 

I just blew your mind, didn’t I? 

I got the idea at Goodwill! 

YEP! Goodwill! 

I saw one there, looked at the price and didn’t want to give that much. (A whopping $3.95) 

Call me cheap! 

I really didn’t want it because it was clear and I wanted mine to be frosty. 

So, I headed over to the glass vase area and found what I needed. Got the vase for .99 cents and the jar for the head for .55 cents! Then I went up the road and got the rest of what I needed. 

Want to make your own? Here’s how!

Whatcha Need

  • Glass vase with a round-ish bottom
  • Small round jar/bowl for head. (Make sure it is proportional with the vase)
  • E-6000 glue
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Black felt fabric
  • Glitter Spray
  • Black, orange and pink paint (I used glass paint I had on hand)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Ribbon (for scarf) 

Putting It All Together

First, wash the vase and bowl.

Turn the vase upside-down and put some E-6000 around the edge. place the bowl on top and give a gentle push to stick them together. Let dry completely before moving on. I let mine dry over night. 

For all you visual crafters out there, You will be happy to know I have pictures for the rest of the steps. 

IMG_2173Put some painters tape around the rim of the bowl. Spray the snowman with glitter spray. I put 2 coats on. Let dry between coats.

IMG_2178 Put a small drop of paint on for eyes. 

IMG_2179Paint on the nose. 

IMG_2180 For the cheeks, I put a drop of paint on my finger then, 

IMG_2182 pressed lightly. 

IMG_2183 I used a cotton swab to add the mouth.

IMG_2185 And the buttons on the tummy.

IMG_2186 Now for the hat!

Make a pattern first. This way if it isn’t the right size you haven’t wasted any felt fabric. 

IMG_2226I found something round that was bigger than then the rim of the bowl. This will be the rim of the hat. Carefully turn the snowman on his head and trace around it. This circle will be used as the opening for the hat and the top. This will make more sense in a minute.

IMG_2228 Cut them out and fold into quarters.

IMG_2229 Lay the smaller circle on top of the bigger one and trace. The fold lines are your guide. I drew them so you could see them better. 

IMG_2230 Traced!

IMG_2232 Fold the bigger circle in half and cut to the circle. 

IMG_2233 Fold in half again and cut to the circle. Then cut those 4 triangles in half for a total of 8 little triangles. 

IMG_2234Now, slide that over the top of the bowl and see if you like the size. If too big, cut some of the edge off. If too small, find a bigger circle to trace an repeat the steps above. If it’s just right go on to the next steps. 

IMG_2187 Trace the big circle on the felt. I used chalk so I could see my line.

IMG_2190 Trace the smaller circle onto the felt. I also folded the felt in half and used the fold as a guide to find the center. 

Cut the 8 triangle just like you did for the pattern. 

IMG_2195 Slide the hat over the rim. 

IMG_2196Now, decide how tall you want the hat to be. I chose about 2 inches. Measure and mark a long strip. 

IMG_2197 Cut it out. 

IMG_2237 Put some glue on each triangle. 

IMG_2238 Wrap the strip around the hat and make sure to pinch each triangle to the strip.

IMG_2241 Don’t forget to put some glue down the edge of the strip and glue them to close the hat. 

IMG_2243 Put some glue around the top of the hat and 

IMG_2244carefully put the top on. I just realized I forgot to tell you to cut it out. You’re smart enough to figure that out! 

IMG_2246To make the scarf, wrap some ribbon around the neck of Frosty! 

I wanted my Frosty to glow, but a tea candle won’t work. Now way for it to get air in the tummy or it will catch the hat on fire. My solution…

IMG_2577 I put a battery tea light on top of the bottom of a miniature wine glass form my son’s collection. 

IMG_2578 He glows! 

So, what do you think of my Frosty? Let me know what ya think!

Until then,                                                                                                            Jayne

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