My Favorite Halloween Porch Ideas

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and I’m beginning to think about how to decorate my porch. I’ve been using the same old stuff for years and I think it is time for a change. And since my gift is improvision, I need some inspiration. So, let’s go look for some!

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My Favorite Halloween PorchesBrilliant! Putting lights on the steps to help Trick-or-Treaters see them. Yet, another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. Learning Express as a couple of more Trick-or-Treating safety ideas. I also like the soft lighting of the porch that comes from the lighted branches in the planters next to the door. 

black This simple but spooky porch was created using…wait for it…black trash bags cut into long, uneven strips attached around a shower curtain rod.  A couple of straw brooms and some candles and there you have it! 


OK! I know this isn’t a porch, but my daughter thinks we should really do this with our big oak tree in our front yard. It’s just two beach balls painted to look like eyes. If only you could get some glow sticks inside of them. 

candy bucket Awww! How cute! I could my kids old buckets for this. And how cool it would be to drop glow sticks in for night! Saw this idea here.

pumpkin witch I laughed out loud when I saw this! HGTV has so many great ideas!

tree porchOne of my all time favorites! The pumpkins are the base for the trees. It looks like holes were drilled for the trees (branches) to go in and the ravens add the perfect touch. Good Housekeeping featured this.

toads Another all time favorite! I couldn’t find the original source. :(

ghostNow this looks like something me and the kids would have done! Closeups of this porch can be found on the Better Homes and Garden site. 

ghost doorThe garland is a bit much for me, but I love the ghost on the door and the witches hats on the lights. No source for this. 

lighted ghost

I knew I should have gotten those tomato cages! This is the second good idea I have seen used for fall with tomato cages. You can go to My Cotton Creations to see how to make this as well as a lit up spider web. 

Those are my ten favs! Which one did you like best? 

Now to get started! 

Until later,


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  1. Love those porches and those “eyes” in the tree!!