My DIY Tips for Painting

Y’all, who read my little blog regularly, know that I have big plans to redecorate my entire house and that I plan on blogging about it. This is the second post on this. You can read the first post here

Last week, finished painting the boys’ room. As I was painting, I thought about sharing with you my DiY tips for painting. These are not professional tips for the professional looking paint job. They are more practical tips for the do it yourselfer like me. 

tips Neither Porter or Olympic paints paid me to use their products. 

DiY Tips

1) Plan on when to paint. I have learned that you really can not paint a room in a day. Not even in two days. It takes about 3-5 days to paint a room. You need a day get the room ready to paint. One day to prime the room and let it dry. Then one or two days to paint, depending on how many coats you put on. Then you need a day to paint any trim you may want to paint. This may take longer if you are having to paint when you get off work. So, look at your calendar and choose a good weekend or two to paint. 

 2) Have plans for the kids. When my kids were still at home, and little, I would always plan to paint when I knew they would either be off at church camp, visiting their aunt or vacationing with their grandparents. You may need to ask sweet Aunt or Grandma if they wouldn’t mind helping with the kids. It could be they just come over and keep them occupied while you work. Hopefully, they will volunteer to keep them a couple of days and simply rest after a hard day of painting. 

3) Deciding on a color.  I wish I could afford to buy several paint samples and paint spots on my wall, but I can’t. So I do the next best thing. I gather several color sample sheets of the color I think I want. Right now, I have 29 different color sheets of blue. I should be able to find the blue I want, don’t you think? I cut the sheet into individual colors samples, throw away the ones I know I don’t want to use, then tape the ones I think I like onto a white poster board and hang it on the wall in the room for a few days. The white background gives you a truer color. As I choose one or two I know I don’t like, I take them off till I’m down to the color I like. 

If you have something at home that is the perfect color you want, match it. Still, I recommend that you go get sample sheets and bring them home, so that you are matching colors in the lighting in which they will be seen. Lighting at the store and home are different.

4) Take your time. This is so important. Know that it may take at least a couple of hours to paint a room. That’s for a small room and working alone. Don’t get in a hurry or mistakes will be made. Remember, it takes less time to do things right the first time, than to have to go back and fix mistakes. Trim work takes the longest, even with painters tape. You want to be extra careful when painting trim, so take your time. 

5) Stop when you are tired. Take a break when needed. You only make mistakes when you are tired. 

6) Wear old clothes. There is a reason you see painters in dirty clothes. Even professionals get paint on themselves. You will too, no matter how careful you are. 

7) Know that the rest of the house is going to get ignored. You can’t take care of the rest of the house when painting. This goes for cooking as well. Plan easy meals, like soup and sandwiches while you are painting. 

8) Have fun!! This is the must important tip I can give. Enjoy yourself while painting. Put on some music. Look forward to how the room will look when you are finished. Celebrate when you are done. Just have fun! 

9) God is taking time with you. Remember, that God is at work on you every single day of your life. He takes time so that when His work is complete, it is perfect. He never makes mistakes. The mistakes are ours and He lovingly fixes them for us. Join Him in His work and have fun! Enjoy life! 

Do you have any tips to add? I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment! I would love to see your newly painted room. Post a picture on my Facebook page. 

Remember, have fun!


Here are a couple of links to sites that give you professional tips on painting the wall, trim and ceilings. 

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