DiY Bed Skirt- “Sew” Easy To Make

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My youngest son came home for the weekend this past weekend. He saw his room for the first time since I painted it. He said it wasn’t what he expected. He thought I would have painted the walls white, which I did consider. I went light brown/tanish color. I had just finished the bed skirt and pillows. He didn’t have much to say about them either. Honestly, he doesn’t care at all about decorating and how his room looks. 

After the rough time I had with the curtains (which you can read about here), I said a prayer begging asking God to let the making of the bed skirts to go smoother. He must have thought I learned my lesson and these went without a hitch! Thank you, Jesus, for letting it go smoothly!

Whatcha Need

  • Flat sheet of your choice. I used 1 king size sheet to make 2 bed skirts for twin beds. Twin size would have been fine. 
  • Thread to match
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Duck tape or staples and staple gun

Putting It All Together

1) Measure from the top of the box spring to the floor. For me that was 15 inches. Add to that measurement 5-6 inches for the hem and to attach to the box spring. I did a total of 20 inches.

2)Packaged sheets are always wrinkled when you open them so, you need to iron the sheet. But, after the fiasco I had with the curtains, I got smart! 

IMG_0397I ironed and marked my sheets at the same time. I would iron some and mark what was ironed, then iron some more and mark some more. 

To mark the line, place the end of your measuring tape at the edge of the sheet, then make a mark with your pencil. I am measuring from what is the side of the sheet. Make at least three marks at three different places on the sheet. Just two marks may mess you up. Three marks allows you to make sure your line is correct. 

IMG_0398Use the ruler to connect the marks. The ironing and marking took the longest. 

3) Cut along the line you drew. I forgot to get a picture, but I think you understand. Repeat for second strip. 


  • The king size sheet was long enough that I only needed 2 strips to make one bed skirt. If you need it to be a little longer, rip the seam on the top fold to give yourself a few more inches of material.
  • To save you some time, use the sides that are already hemmed for you. 

4) Sew the 2 strips together. 


Make sure right sides are together. My seam is about a 1/2 inch. 

5) Iron seam open so it lays flat. 

IMG_04026) Sew the hem. 

IMG_0409I totally cheated this on the first bed skirt and used the two sides with the hem already in, but for the second one, I had to make a hem. I simply folded down 1/2 inch, using the iron to make a crease. (Instead of pinning it down.)

Then, I used the right edge of my pressure foot as a guide for the seam. 

7) Lay the skirt on the box spring.

IMG_0404Using the seam as the center of the skirt, I found the middle of the box spring and matched the two up. Then, I just laid the skirt around the box spring.  I do wish I had trimmed the edges before I sewed them together to get those holes out. the holes are from a seam I ripped open. 

IMG_0403I folded the edges like I was wrapping a gift, making sure the bottom overlapped the sides. 

IMG_0407The top also overlaps the sides. 

8) Attach skirt to box spring. 

One blogger had used safety pins to hold her skirts in place, but I had difficulty getting the pins in. I also thought about using staples and a staple gun, but there was no wood to staple to. I used the next best thing. 


Duck Tape! 

IMG_0413Instead of trying to work with one long strip, I tore off several small strips of tape and covered the entire edge of the skirt. I did the sides first, then overlapped the bottom and top tape to the sides. 

IMG_0411I know many of you are wondering if this holds well. Honestly, I am too. I think it will work for me because my boys aren’t home anymore. Sadly, I’m an empty nester. They are only home for a couple of nights at a time, so the skirts won’t get the wear and tear they would have gotten just 5 years ago, when they were all home. (I’m ready to cry here.) 

Youngest son did sleep one night one them and they held up well for that night. lol


That’s it. The bed skirts are on. What do you think? 

The room is beginning to come together. On a later post I will show you how I made some pillows for the beds. I still have other projects for this room I can’t wait to get done and share with you. 


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  1. They look great!…Hey, I have seen many designers when they prep for shows, etc, use lots of tape and staples!!..and I so remember back in the day, using sheets for everything from drapes to cushions, to covering toy boxes!…

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you, Shirley! haha I used a trick of designers! I had no idea, although it does make sense. I like using sheets! They are cheaper and I usually like the design better. Sheet makers seem to know what “I have in mind” lol

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