Dillon and the Dentist

Dillon has been complaining about his tooth hurting when he eats something hot or cold. I know how that feels. I can bear the pain until I have to take more ibuprofen in 24 hours than I should. I’ve done that before. But, I can’t stand for my children to be in pain. Needless to say, we went to the dentist.

It wasn’t as eventful as my trip back in October was. Not even close! You can read that here: My Goodness and After 10:15

I called and sweet Leslie answered once again. She probably didn’t recognize my voice. I wasn’t falling apart and in tears! I was calm, cool and collected. Like a cucumber! I simply told her Dillon’s problem and she had me an appointment the next morning, which was this morning at 9:50.

Dillon drove there so he could gain more “city driving” experience. I’m usually a nervous wreck when my kids drive in town, but I wasn’t today. He did great. I missed telling him where to turn once and he figured out the whole turning around thing just fine.

Once there, we checked in and the ladies at the desk couldn’t believe how tall Dillon had gotten. He’s 6’2″.  He was just a kid the last time we were there.

Dillon went back to the back and I tried to read some magazines. Hard to do without my reading glasses and my arm wasn’t quite long enough. I mostly looked at the pictures.

While the x-rays were developing the hygienist  came out and asked, “Kathy isn’t old enough to get married yet, is she?”

“21,” I said. “No, not old enough.” My kids can’t be 21 yet. Where has the time gone?

We talked about the wedding some, then she went to check on the x-rays.

The dentist called me to the back and said Dillon kept his teeth pretty clean, but he did have two cavities.What can I say? He hasn’t been to the dentist in four years. Not bad, I thought. The dentist  filled them today. Hee-hee his mouth is numb.

I usually stop and get them a milkshake after the dentist. Don’t know why I didn’t today. He, instead, got a homemade smoothie. A strawberry-banana smoothie. Oh, shoot. I should have taken pictures and given y’all the recipe. I will try to remember to do that soon. Dillon said it needed more strawberry. I think his tongue is still numb.

Left over smoothie! Yum!


This is one of containers that holds 2 pounds of mac and cheese from the deli! That's a lot of smoothie!

I know, I know! This isn’t a very exciting or funny post. Going to the dentist isn’t glamorous. But I do have to give glory to God for providing a way for me to pay for this. Just like the last time I went, I’m broke. I will be in debt for a few months longer, but my child isn’t in pain any more and his cavities are filled. God is great!

Today is just another daily reminder that God is here with me on a daily basis. This trip to the dentist didn’t take Him by surprise and He may even provide a way for me to pay it off faster. I sure do hope so!  Only He knows. I am still learning to take it one day at a time and am learning to trust Him more and more.

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  1. karen says:

    Glad he got it taken care of. Thanks for sharing your thoughts that I need each day :) :)

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