Bottle Shelf

My Man loves to collect old bottles. He finds most of them when he is out surveying around old homesteads. He somehow knows exactly where to look for the trash pile and heads straight for it first thing. 

He has found old Royal Crown bottles, Nehi bottles, Red Rock bottles, many Milk of Magnesia bottles in different sizes, all sizes of Mason jars (the blue ones with the zinc tops). We have over 40 old bottles and still collecting more. 

So, where do we put them all, you ask. Good question. 

MM has built some shelves for them and I’m going to show you how he did it. 

Bottle Shelf

Whatcha Need

  • A 1 x 4 board cut to the length you want. For over the door we used a full 6 foot board.
  • Molding at least an 2 inches wide
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or stain
  • Finishing nails and hammer
  • Screws and a screw driver
  • Table saw (or have the home improvement store cut it for you. This is usually done for free. You need to know your measurements.)

Putting It All Together

The shelves you see in the pictures were made to go above door frames, but we used to have the on three smaller shelves that he made the exact same way, but we had them on the wall above our sofa. So…

Cut the board to length and sand.

Cut the molding the length of the front and sides of the board.  Where the front and the side edge meet needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle. 

bottle shelf


We painted the boards before we put it all together. 



Nail the molding to the sides of the board, then the front, keeping the bottom of the molding flush with the bottom of the board. (That’s what the pen is supposed to be showing you.) TIP: MM used finishing nails and before he nailed them he “dulled” the nail by tapping them with a hammer first. This helps to keep the molding from splitting. 

IMG_1712 The top of the molding is rises above the top of the board. This gives you a “bumper” to keep the bottles from falling off the shelf. Normal, everyday vibrations cause the bottles to move. Slowly, but surely. 

IMG_1713To make the braces decide how tall you need it to be. Three of the side need to be straight edges. The front side can have some sort of design, if you want. MM got the curves by using cans and bottles to get the curves. He just eyeballed it. Oh, you can make the braces out of left over wood from you shelves or any other scraps you may have. If you don’t have scrapes, you’ll need to get another piece of wood. And… MM used a band saw to cut this. 

IMG_1714Line the brace to the shelf where you want it to go, just make sure they are the same distance on each side. Drill a hole through the shelf and into the brace. Attach with a screw. 

To hang the shelf, MM drilled holes on the backs of the brace. They are just a touch bigger than the screws we used to hang the shelf. 

IMG_1715Decide where you want to hang the shelf and hang it using screws in the wall. Make sure your know where you want them to go and how much weight you may put on them. You may need to attach them to the studs. 


MM made this shelf by attaching a board to a curtain rod that came with the braces. 

He has made several kinds of shelves and soon I will do a post on them. 

I love the way the bottles look over the doors. They add texture and color. Of course, you could put plates or pictures or anything else on them. 

Now he is ready for the next project on my list. 

Until then, 


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4 Responses to Bottle Shelf

  1. Kim says:

    I love old bottles, too, but don’t have the collection you do. I had to chuckle to myself, though, when I saw your shelf. I can tell you don’t live in earthquake country like I do….. I guess we could do the same, but would have to use that earthquake putty to make sure the bottles stay where they are supposed to, no matter what!

    • Jayne says:

      haha No we don’t live in earthquake country although one week earlier this year we had a week that literally went like this: rain on Monday, ice on Tuesday, snow on Wednesday, sunny and warm on Thursday and Friday we did have an earthquake! No joke! We have also had military planes, jets and groups of helicopters fly so low that it has knocked all or jars and bottles off of shelves. Maybe I need to get some of that earthquake putty! 😉

  2. Great bottle collection and a great display for them!!!

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