My Blue Willow Plates

When the kids were little, we used to go up to my aunt’s mountain cabin for weekend getaways. There are plenty of flea markets and little shops to find all kinds of treasures. One of those treasures I discovered were Blue Willow plates.

I had seen them before, but never really thought about them until I saw them up in the mountains. There’s just something about those mountains and Blue Willow. 

I found a couple of pieces for the price I wanted to pay, so I bought them. I was proud of my find. 

We got back to the cabin, and I put my treasures into the suitcase, then headed for the kitchen to start dinner. When it came time to set the table, I opened the cabinet door, and began to pull out my aunt’s mixed match of dishes for eating. Guess what was mixed in with the dinner plates. YEP! My aunt was using Blue Willow to eat off of! I couldn’t believe it. 

My collection isn’t very big, but I like it. 

blue willow platesIt used to be bigger, by a couple of pieces. It used to sit on the mantle, which is why I am a couple of pieces down. 

blue willow platesThe platter was given to me by my sweet sister for Christmas one year. It used to hang above the TV over the mantle. It looked out-of-place there. 

blue willow platesI used to have three cups and saucers. They sat below the TV on the mantle. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best place to display my Blue Willow. 

blue willow platesOne of two saucers.  

blue willow plateSaucer number two almost bit the dust. That is why it has the huge chip on the edge. Did you notice that the pattern on the two saucers is different? The third one was different from both of these. Different makers I guess.

I like how the scene on the plates is so peaceful. It reminds me that God’s peace surpasses all understanding.

blue willow plateI like to display the cups turned different ways so you can see the picture in both sides. 

blue willow plateI love the way it seems to tell a story. 

blue willow plateThe inside of the cups look old and well used. I’m sure many good cups of tea were drunk from these cups.

blue willow platesThe bunny isn’t Blue Willow, but it goes well with it. The bunny was actually a thank you gift to my aunt for allowing us to stay at the cabin. I got her a bunny because we called her Aunt Bunny. Bunny is the nickname her parents gave her because she was born close to Easter. When she died, my cousins were cleaning out the cabin and I asked if  I could have the bunny back to remember her. 

blue willow plateThe candlestick isn’t Blue Willow either. It was a yard sale find my mother in-law thought I would like. 

blue willow plateSo is this little teapot. 

cup collectionUnder the plates is my son’s cup collection. He got the idea from my aunt. She had own collection that he liked in the mountain cabin. 

beaded cupI fill some of them with beads to add a pop of color. I change the beads out for different seasons. 

It’s not a big collection, but it has many fond memories attached to it. Hopefully, soon we can get back up to the mountains and make some more memories and I can hunt for more Blue Willow. I just may “shop” the kitchen cabinets. 

Love ya!



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9 Responses to My Blue Willow Plates

  1. Very nice, Jayne. Enjoy your collection. I enjoyed them many years ago. :)

  2. pattisj says:

    A popular pattern, I believe several companies had a version of it. It adds a pop of color. Love the little teapot and bunny.

    • Jayne says:

      Yes, it is very popular. I like to get the pieces that look old and worn. I like the bunny and teapot too. I have other pieces I didn’t show here that I will share on another post sometime.

  3. Wilma says:

    My son (age 50) and I have ongoing competition for collecting blue willow we both have old and new and I have some red willow. Wilma comuntzis Fredericksburg va

    • Jayne says:

      Your son is my age. I want to collect more. I just love it! With both of y’all collecting, someone will be blessed when the collection is passed down! What a treasure that will be!

  4. guy says:

    How can you tell if it’s real or not cuz I’ve got a big collection of these patterns that I’ve been trying to sale?

    • Jayne says:

      Good question. To be honest, I’m not sure. My collection is still really small. I find my plates at yard sales and flea markets. My oldest looking plate has “Japan” written on the back. I think I’ll ask that question on my FB page and see who can possibly help.

  5. Zamo says:

    Hi! So I just wanted to say first–there is nothing wrong with eating off your Blue Willow, in fact, I highly recommend it–we have a bad habit in this country of not using our beautiful things, but locking them up, and eating off paper plates–which is unhealthy for the body and soul, use these poor things, they’re lonely…most Blue Willow was also very well made–you won’t damage it by eating off of it–they weren’t meant for decoration but for use. Now nearly every manufacturer of China has a BW pattern–the first being Royal Ironstone(Made in China, I believe starting in 1850s). Now if you don’t see a mark on the bottom, it doesn’t mean its cheap or “no-name”, it may be because it is actually very old, and made before export laws required them to have markings (I think 1930).
    Your plate marked “Japan” is probably what we dealers call “Bleed” as it usually has a very deep sometimes smudged looking pattern..some folks think its the bee’s knees, but a lot of that is personal preference (Made in Occupied Japan is extra valuable)…

    Now the reason a lot of this china exists is that the Blue Willow pattern was the first (or probably one of the first, I’m sure others existed that weren’t as popular) that they figured out how to mass produce, and why they call it transfer ware–as it the pattern was not painted on, but instead transferred from a copper etching with paper, and then refired…

    Keep it up! theres nothing better than a nice full set, ESPECIALLY if you use it once in a while, and treat yourself or your guests…

    I have to say I love Blue Willow, and even though I hold some back for myself, it hurts a little bit every time I sell a piece…well I’ve gone on long enough, but if I get a response I’d like to share the story contained in the Blue WIllow pattern, and I can tell you how to get those stains out of your coffee mugs…
    Peace be with you.. 😉

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