Integrity in the Bathroom Cabinet

IntegrityI have to admit it. This is going to be an embarrassing post for me. It’s a before and after post. You know, the ugly before and the pretty after.

Here is the embarrassing! The ugly before bathroom cabinet. 


The cabinet is in my kids bathroom. Correction, the guest bathroom. Except when the kids are home and it’s their bathroom again. 

The cabinet has doors so it was easy to just close them and hide everything. I kept everything in the cabinet from towels, to medicine, to cleaning products, to paint. I had good reason in the beginning to keep everything in here. The children were little and keeping medicines and cleaners on shelves they couldn’t reach was a smart idea. 

Only problem now is they are long past the age of not knowing what is harmful for them. Well, at least with medicine and cleaners. I don’t need to keep things out of their reach. Grandkids aren’t in the picture yet, and I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. 

Time for a makeover! 

I put the cleaners under the bathroom sink. I threw out old medicine. I took the paint to the barn. 


I left the bottom shelf for towels, which I need to get more of. I like the idea of all white to make things look crisp and clean. 


I really wanted baskets to put stuff in, but didn’t want to spend the extra money right now. My Man just started his new job, and we are in between his last check at his old job and his first check from his new job. Need to be careful on extra spending. 

To solve my problem, I spent a few minutes walking around my house to find something that would work. I found the cookie tin Dillon got for Christmas, remembered the chalkboard paint and turned that tin into the First Aid tin. 


Jelly jars make great containers for band-aids and all the medicine that comes in tubes.


A couple of wide mouth Mason jars work well for cotton balls and Q-tips. 


I made these tops for them out of card stock. Now that I think about it, I just may paint them with chalkboard paint as well!


Another walk around the house and I found decorations for one of the shelves. The potpourri was in a glass, egg-shaped bowl. The bowl needed dusting, so I put the potpourri in the empty soap dish so I could clean the bowl. I liked the way it looked in the soap dish, so I let it stay there!


This candle was given to me as a gift. I think it looks like an old shaving cream jar. It looked out-of-place in the kitchen window, but perfect in the bathroom. Now I want to find an old razor and shaving cream brush. 


I really want a mirror to go in the cabinet, but I don’t have exactly what I want. Maybe I’ll find one at a yard sale or thrift store. Until then, these old medicine jars will do. I may put some colored water in them to look like medicine. 


The top shelf is extra towels (from days of old) and toilet paper (which I need more of). Sorry this picture is blurred. 

It’s not quite what I want, but it’s a start. 

So, what does integrity have to do with a bathroom cabinet, you ask? “Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome.” -Wikipedia

In other words, doing what is right when no one is looking. 

My cabinet reminds me that I may try to hide my lack of integrity behind closed doors, but the ugliness is still there. Soon enough, the doors will be opened and the ugly will be there for all to see. It’s just a matter of time. “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” -Proverbs 10:9


I should frame that verse and put it in my clean cabinet! I think I will! 

Did you think you would find a lesson of integrity in a bathroom cabinet? Neither did I, but that is the wonderful way God speaks to me in my life. 

Love ya!


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I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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7 Responses to Integrity in the Bathroom Cabinet

  1. You make me want to go clean! I love the way you used the jars and such to corral the various “medicine chest” type items. I just have a big basket and it is not working!

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you! I was using flimsy plastic containers to hold the medicine and it wasn’t working for me, either. Now, I need to tackle my closet! That will be a huge job! haha

  2. Butch Dean says:

    My bathroom closet has taken on a whole different meaning.

    • Jayne says:

      I just love God’s sense of humor and the way He teaches me lessons or reminds me of what I already know. I never look at my cabinets this way before either. lol

  3. Hey, that looks lovely! Nice, want to come do my bathroom closets too? :) They look great. I especially like the black paint on the can. I have a can like that I may need to consider for my next house.

    Re your comment on my post “Intersecting Plotlines,” Jayne, thank you for your kind encouragement. Thank you also for your prayers. I welcome them heartily.

    Jennifer Dougan

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