Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home

Back in August, I decided to take a break from blogging. At least from the writing part of it. I have still been busy making some projects, redecorating and revamping the blog itself. I have to say I have missed y’all! WELCOME BACK! 

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME! Come on in and visit for a while! I love having company over! I don’t think of you as a “reader.” You are a new friend that I am glad to have visiting me!

Let’s get this welcome started off right and what better way then with a beautiful fall wreath on the front door. Isn’t the front door where we meet our guests anyway? My closest friends and family all know to come to the back door, so come on around and come on in!

Of course, I found all of these on Pinterest. I’ll make it easy for you and share the links. 😉

Welcome (Back) to His Heart and Home

This blogger at Custom Comforts made this beautiful wreath. Who said wreaths had to be round, right? I have to admit, she is more talented than I am.

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home Would you believe that the leaves are made of birch bark? Did you know you can buy sheets of birch bark? I didn’t! Country Living is where I saw this one. 

Welcome (back) to His Heart and HomeLove this Pottery Barn knock off by Marty at Confessions of a Plate Addict. It might not hang on the door, but it sure would be pretty on my front porch swing! 

Welcome (Back) to His Heart and HomeNow this one I think I could make! It’s just three sunflowers and some ribbon and fillers. Thanks for the inspiration LuxeWreaths

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home

Again, Country Living is supplying the inspiration! It looks like boards behind the floral, but I bet you could use a frame just as easily. 

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home

I am absolutely in love with this wreath from Shirley at Housepitality Designs. Be sure I am making one similar to it! I just need to find a big enough hoop. I’d better start looking! 

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home

Okay, technically this isn’t a wreath, but it screams “Welcome!” Screams may be a bit too strong. How about loudly calls from afar? All it is a tomato cage, some fall garland and a couple of pumpkins! That’s it! This is going on my front porch too! 

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home Debbie from Refresh Restyle gives great step-by-step directions on how to make her fall “wreath.” Thanks for sharing, Debbie!

Welcome (back) to His Heart and Home Years ago…many years ago…one of students from my second year of teaching gave me a pine cone wreath as a Christmas gift. Now, I know that when you open a students gift, you are supposed to “love” each and every one of them, even if it is your 50th mug. But when I opened this one, I was blown away. There was no hiding that this was my favorite gift from a student ever! He had even helped to make it. 

The one above is from Kathy at Up to Date Interiors. Although they are not step-by-step directions, she does give some very helpful hints to make one.

And last, but not least, is mine. It is just a simple cornucopia that I found at Goodwill with some pretty faux flowers from Fred’s (I think) and the wheat I have had for years!

Welcome (back) to His Heart and HomeI’m so glad you dropped by for a visit! Please, come back often! You are welcome anytime! 

Love ya, 


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I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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  1. Kim says:

    Welcome back!!!

  2. windleg says:

    So glad you are back! You’ve been missed! Love these ideas! Happy fall!!!

  3. Butch Dean says:

    Missed your thoughts.

  4. Hi Jayne! Thanks so much for sharing my fall leaves pillow! Hope you enjoyed your break!…hugs…Debbie

  5. hi, glad your back, I missed you

  6. pattisj says:

    These are all so pretty. Your blog looks great, love the embroidery header.

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