Adorable DiY Scarecrow

I don’t know why, when I saw this scarecrow on Pinterest, that I thought it was made from a toilet paper tube. 

Adorable DiY ScarecrowI guess it was because it was brown like a toilet paper tube.

Or maybe I had my daughter on my mind and thought this would be a cute little project for her students. 

Or maybe it was my A.D.D. (Attention Decorating Disorder) kicking it.

Or maybe it was my A.D.D. kicking in. 

Whatever it was, it isn’t a toilet paper tube. It’s a Mason jar. How cute is that? You can find the directions for it here. Thank you, Sumo, for sharing this cute as can be Scarecrow. 

IMG_1674Mine, however, is made from a toilet paper tube. (Which will from now on through this post be called a tube.) This is a great project for small children (although an adult, that means you Mom, may need to cut it all out) or for an elementary classroom.

Whatcha Need

  • IMG_1654Toilet paper tube
  • Construction paper in white, orange, pink and gold
  • Yellow crape paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Black marker

Putting It All Together

Adorable DiY ScarecrowCut out circles for eyes (from white construction paper) and cheeks (from pink paper). Cut a triangle for nose from orange paper.

IMG_1659Using a black marker, draw the dark of the eyes.

IMG_1660Using a glue stick, glue eyes, nose and cheeks onto tube.

IMG_1662Draw a smile on between the cheeks.

IMG_1663 Cut strips of crape paper. These are about 3 inches, but I would make them a bit longer. 

IMG_1666Cut some strips leaving about an inch at the top.

IMG_1667Put glue on the uncut part of the paper and stick in the inside of the tube. 

IMG_1669Bend the hair over the top of the tube. 

IMG_1670The hair was looking a bit too even, so I cut some of the strips shorter. 

IMG_1671Draw and cut out the hat. Add details.

IMG_1673Add some glue to the forehead. 

IMG_1674Stick on the house. Don’t smug your like I did. haha

Now proudly display your scarecrow on your mantle, a shelf or make it part of your centerpiece. 

Have fun! 



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