Take A Guess At What I’m Making {a sneak peek at some Christmas projects}

I have so many projects going on in my head. 

It never ceases to amaze me how all the projects are done, as in finished as soon as I think of them, in my head. It’s like I get the idea and poof it’s done.



I wish! 

Not only do I have so many projects going on in my head, I have several on my table!

Christmas ProjectsTrust me, I have twice that many in my head! 

Now, if I could only get them done as quickly as I do in my head. 

Let’s play a game! I’ll show you what is needed for a project and you guess what you think it is going to be. Ready? 

First up, we have vinyl table clothes and plastic bags.  

Christmas ProjectsAny guesses? 

Need a hint?

I will also need my sewing machine. 

Figured it out yet? 

Well, you will just have to wait and see. 

Next, we have paper mache Christmas trees and gingerbread men. Christmas Projects

Moving on we have three logs and a stump. 

IMG_2308 You are going to love this one! 

Let’s see…oh…here we have some brown lunch bags, cookie cutters and old Christmas cards!

Christmas Projects To be fair this is really two projects. 

Next, to the brown paper bags we see mini clothes pins and some ribbon. 

Christmas Projects I got this idea from another blogger who has such great ideas! I need more clothes pins to complete this project. 

You won’t believe what I’m going to do with these glass vases and black felt. I also need some glitter spray and glass paint. TOO CUTE is what it’s going to be!

Christmas Projects Up next is this precious wooden sleigh I found at Goodwill last summer. I have a couple of ideas for it. 

Christmas Projects In the kitchen is where this material will find itself. 

Christmas Projects The ladies will love it!

Red burlap and some white paint. Hmmmm…there’s no telling which room these will end up in. The possibilities are many!

Christmas ProjectsDo you have any ideas? I’d love to hear them. I just may get some I haven’t thought of! 

Off to get started! I’ll begin showing them all to you after Thanksgiving! 

Until then,                                                                                                             Jayne (I think I’ll go red for Christmas!)


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Some Thanksgiving Helps

I just realized that Thanksgiving is in eight days!


8 Days!!

I still have so much to do to get ready for it and my company.

Ok, I’m not going to panic! 

I’m not going to panic! 

I am not going to panic!

I’m panicking! 

Oh wait! I don’t have to! I have some things to help me get more organized! I shared them a couple of years ago and they were a big hit! So big, I’m going to share them again.I really don’t want you panicking for the next eight days! 

Just click on the picture and it will take you to the link.

10 Things To Do O Thanksgiving

10 Things To Do On Thanksgiving

Here is a list of 10 things you can do on Thanksgiving just in case you can’t go outside and your family isn’t into football. The side that is visiting this year isn’t all that into football. Darn! I love some football!


Thanksgiving Free Printables

Thanksgiving Free Printables 

This post has a couple of free printables to help you plan and stay focused on what you need to do. It includes a Thanksgiving shopping list. I need to print one for myself!

My Finest Country China

My Finest Country China

My Finest Country China shows you how you can have a pretty table using paper plates. What we in the country call our finest country china. Why paper plates? I hate clean-up!

I hope these help you. I’m off to print the planner and the shopping list. I have got to get busy!

Until next time!                                                                                                      Jayne

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My Finest Country China

I asked the question on my Facebook page, “Do you use real plates or paper plates for Thanksgiving?” Everyone that answered said they use real. 

Well, I have a somewhat large family.

I don’t have enough real china for everyone. 

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know I hate, despise, can not stand clean-up. 

I don’t like clean-up. Oh, I mentioned that already!

Besides, I live in the country so why not use Country China?

What is country China, you ask?

Paper plates! 

GASP!!! Yes, I’m using paper plates. 

But, that doesn’t mean my table isn’t beautiful and festive, if I do say so myself. (This post is dedicated to all of you who have large families, hate clean-up as much as I do and live in the country.)

My Finest Country China Please excuse the cord to the vacuum cleaner. I thought I had it out of the way. 

My Finest Country ChinaMy centerpiece is set on dark brown burlap.   

My Finest Country ChinaThe pumpkins and flowers are faux, although the vines of the pumpkins are real sticks. 

You see, I went to my near by Dollar General and found all the Thanksgiving items for 25% off and starting that day and additional 50% was also taken off. In other words, originally $1 each pumpkin sold for .37 cents! The pumpkins came with the flowers stuck in the top of them. When I pulled the flowers out, it left a hole and I had to fill the holes with something. 

My Finest Country ChinaThe pine cones, sticks and acorns are real. 

My Finest Country ChinaThe candle was made by lighting a tea candle and letting some of the wax melt. Then I stuck an emergency candle in the melted wax and held it in place a few seconds. (Emergency candles is come in a pack of 12 for $1 and are shorter.) 

Here are a couple of more close-ups.

My Finest Country China My Finest Country China

Now for my finest country china!

My Finest Country China First, I made the place mats from brown paper lunch sacks. I lovingly pulled them apart, ironed them to get all the folds out and then,

My Finest Country China I trimmed them with pinking shears and did the lettering. 

My Finest Country China I gave the plates a little touch of glamour by writing “Give Thanks” with a gold marker all around the edge. (Hint: if you do this, do one side first, let it dry then come back and do the other side. It keeps you from smearing the ink before it gets a chance to dry.)

My Finest Country China The dessert plates are just simple paper plates for the occasion, as are the napkins.

My Finest Country ChinaAfter searching Pinterest and finding nine name cards I like, I settled on the twigs. I picked the worst day to collect them; rainy and cold and windy. The berries are off the dogwood tree. No names, just another reminder to give thanks!

My Finest Country ChinaThe coasters are made from some left over cork board and lettered with a permanent marker. I have to admit, I’m seriously thinking of making some from the jute twine to go more with the theme.

My Finest Country ChinaThe silverware is simply tied with just twine.

My Finest Country ChinaI have had these goblets since I got married. A couple of real things don’t hurt. 

My Finest Country ChinaI love these little serving bowls. I’m going to put butter in one and cranberry sauce in the other.

My Finest Country China These two are on the other end of the table. I think the baby spoon will work just fine for dipping cranberry sauce.

Yes, I kept all the baby spoons my children used.  

So did you!

My Finest Country ChinaThis display is on the hutch. The doors are from the hutch in my den. I would love to put real branches with leaves on them in the vase, but I’m afraid they will all be gone by Thanksgiving. Faux will have to do. 

I thought Miss May was bringing me a Thanksgiving present!

My Finest Country China Turned out to be a Tide bottle. LOL :’)

My Finest Country ChinaI don’t think that what we eat off of is all that important. I think it is about who we share the meal with that is important. So, whether your family eats off of real china or uses fine country china, give thanks for the ones enjoying the meal with you. 

Until next time, 


Joining the party at:

Savvy Southern Style   The Dedicated House

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Thanksgiving Name Cards

I’m doing the First Place 4 Health Healthy Holiday Living Bible study with a great group of ladies at my church. Last week’s study was on Jesus’ name. His name is above all names. Names have meaning. Jesus (a form of Joshua) means “Yahweh is salvation.” Perfect name for Him.

Jayne means “Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor.” How cool is that! I have a “Y” in my name because I was named after my great-grandfather.

We were very careful in choosing our children’s names. Names are important. 

I have to admit, we don’t usually use name cards when our family gets together for Thanksgiving or really any time. We just kind of know where everyone sits. It just feels weird if we don’t sit in the same place. 

But, our family is growing. One new son in-law, one new girl friend, one new boyfriend for my niece, and I’m asking my sister in-law’s mother to join us since she doesn’t have any family, except her daughter. They won’t be sure where to sit and I don’t want them to be embarrassed if they are corrected. I think I’m going to make some name cards for this year. 

Hmmm….I may need to borrow a card table from church. And some chairs. 

Sorry, rambling there. 

Tell me which one you think I should make. 

clothes pin name tag Source

How about these adorable clothes pin name cards? 

cookie name cards source

I’m not sure these would stay on the table long enough for people to find their places!

hand name card source

Oh, if I still had a little one at home I would do these in a heart beat!!! 

stalk name card source

These are made from toilet paper tubes. How many thing can you make from toilet paper tubes? 100’s I do believe! If I do these, I may try making mine from corn husks. They are sold at grocery stores this time of year. 

leaf name card source

I love the simplicity of this. Gold lettering on a leaf. 

porcupine name card  source

I could easily get enough porcupine eggs from the wood to make these! 

twig name cardI couldn’t find the source for this idea, but how cute it is! Just some twigs with a few berries wrapped in twine. 

Right now the clothespins and the twigs are my favorite! 

tree name card source

TOO CUTE!!! I’m doing this for Christmas!!!

log name cardThin sections of a tree limb make great name cards. 

gold source

I could spray paint some leaves gold and write names on them. 

That is ten ideas for me to choose from. Well, nine. I can’t count the VW van with the tree on top. That one is definitely for Christmas!

Which one is your favorite? What do you think I should do?  Leave a comment and let me know! 

Can’t wait ti hear from you!                                                                                                                     Jayne

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The Snowball Effect

Have you ever started one change and it led to another, then another and another? 

I did that yesterday. 

One little change led to this…



Not done yet!

IMG_2256 Then I looked inside the hutch and decided I want to redo it, too.

IMG_2255I have to figure out what I am going to do with this monstrosity!

IMG_2258It was in the family room. It was moved into here for the summer so my youngest would have a place to play his Xbox. I would love to use it on my screened in porch, but I don’t have one…yet.

I love that MM loves this piece and it is beautiful,

IMG_2260but the room…the whole downstairs…wasn’t thought out very well during the designing stage and it’s really too big for this little living room.

And our “L” shape stairwell won’t allow us to move either piece upstairs.  

Honestly, the mess is still there. I got so overwhelmed by it I just walked out and pretended I was Scarlett O’Hara. “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Well guess what? It’s tomorrow and I have to think about it. 

I want a small dresser or something to go in this corner. 

IMG_2259That lamp just doesn’t cut it for me any more.

I want something like this. 

living room


I don’t have a piece of furniture like that, so…

IMG_2261I’m going to move this for the time being. 

In other words, till I find just the right piece at the right price.

The monstrosity is going to stay where it is for now. It will just have to wait for another day. 

The hutch will be cleaned out and after Christmas it and the dining room table will be refinished somehow. Just not sure how yet. Do I paint them, or strip and restain them?What do you think? 

I have noticed a snowball effect from God as well. He has pointed out one sin in my heart and that has led to another, and another and another.

I could absolutely dread this and I do, but I also find it wonderful.  Why? Because He is showing me where I need to change to be more like His Son. As My devotional said this morning, “God has pulled away the fog and given us a clear glimpse into the battlefield.” (Journey November 2014). I can see the mess that need to be cleaned and Jesus wants to help me clean it. The old is being cleaned out and the new is being put out for all to see! That brings glory to our Father! 

Well, today is yesterday’s tomorrow and I do need to finish what I started! 

Until next time,                                                                                                                                            Jayne


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