This Transforms How I See Easter



My blogging friend, Jennifer, at Jottings from Jennifer, had a really good post I would like to share with you. Here is just a tease…

“While hanging on the cross, undergoing excruciating agony, Jesus started the first line of a chapter. Educated Hebrew audiences of his day would have instantly recognized the words, and known the reference. They would have been able to recite the next words and lines, as easily as many of us know pop songs. Jesus’ gasped sentence on the cross would have set in motion for them the rest of the chapter.”

Want to know the rest? You can check it out here. 

Happy Easter to you all! 


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Starting on the Guest Bathroom

I have no idea what I was thinking when I painted the kids bathroom like this. Actually, I do, but I never finished it. 

IMG_0291All the white you see on the walls is repair work from taking down the wallpaper the used to be up and not repairing before I painted it again. 

Whew! Much better!

IMG_0569I still have much to do in here. 

I’m going to have My Man make a frame to go around the mirror.

IMG_0572And I’m going to paint this light black.

IMG_0575A new rug is being bought today!


The cabinets are getting painted next week. All the kids are coming home this weekend, so I will just have to wait to get that done.

The stuff for here is being bought today.

IMG_0576I will also be on the look out for what I can put on this wall.


I have seriously considered painting this on that wall, but…


The funny thing about that…MM has shot two deer out of this bathroom’s window!

I’m thinking a galvanized bucket would make a good trashcan.

IMG_0577I’m also thinking blue gingham curtains would be cute in the window.

My first decorations for this room. 

IMG_0570Yes, that is paint you see on the window. We forgot to scrape it off the last time we painted the house and it probably isn’t going to get scraped because it’s on the second floor, we’re kind of used to looking at it and we need to replace it anyway. 

I am going to have MM build this for me. 


It’s a work in progress. Like me. God is constantly at work on me. Scraping, patching up holes, repainting my heart, building my character. 

Do you have any projects you are working on?  

Next week, I am going to be sharing something very personal with you. It turned out to be rather long, so I broke it into five parts. How about that, one for each day. I hope you enjoy it and I ask that you be in prayer for those who may need to read it. Pray that God would somehow let them find my little blog so that He can speak to them. 




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DiY Reading Lights

Remember my inspiration for my boys bedroom? 

boys room Juxtapost

One thing that caught my eye was the reading lights above the beds. One home improvement store wanted $40 for one light! I was not about to spend $80 on lights so, I got to work finding a way to make the lights. 

Here is the inspiration I found for the lights. 

6509aa42c364e677500dba766d378d10 DiY Network

Here is what we came up with. 

IMG_0551Not the same as the inspirational picture, but closer to the ones I liked in the bedroom inspirational picture. Are you following me? 

Let me show it to you in its parts. 

IMG_0564My Man and I spent some time at Lowe’s (not paid to say that). We saw some wooden corner braces, like the ones used on porches, but they were still a bit pricey for me. MM thought of a plant hanger. There were fancier ones, but I just liked the clean line of this one. $5. 95 each.

IMG_0560The “shade” was the next problem. We looked and looked for something that would work. We looked so long, I was tired and just ready to go. A couple of days later, I walk into a local hardware store to get the paint for the room and lo and behold if these weren’t just staring me in the face.  

IMG_0343The hardware man said he had bought several of these during the winter storm we had so people could use them to keep their wells from freezing.  It’s a country thing. Anyway, he didn’t sell as many as he had hoped and since I was buying paint and two lamps, he gave me a ten percent discount on all of it! $6.99 each.

I spray painted them black and voila! (paint $3.97, but still have plenty left over so probably only 50 cents at best)

IMG_0561The third problem became the pulley. New pulleys are way expensive! Antique pulleys are even more expensive. MM bought two pieces of cheap wood and built me some. $5 for wood.  I’ll try to attempt to tell you how he did it. 

First, he got really accurate with the measurements for the circles and traced a roll of masking tape for the two outer sides of the pulley. Then he traced the lid to my salt shaker for the inner circle. Here’s a better picture for that.

IMG_0559The cord is wrapped around the inner circle. He just glued these three pieces together. 

Next, he drew the part that is stained. He free-handed it. Sorry, he does that a lot. He glued those pieces together, using the “pulley” part as a spacer so it wouldn’t collapse on itself. After it had dried, he nailed the top stained part to the pulley.  Last, he added a hook to hang it by. 

We ran into the problem of the cord not hanging right. MM drilled a hole on the top of the pulley, beside the hook, that the cord could go through. 

We weaved the cord through a rusted chain link. $0

IMG_0563Trust me when I say you need to make sure the electric wire is straight. Oh yea! You have to take the wire off of the light socket to wave it through the chain and wrap it around the pulley. Then attach the wire back to the socket. 

Next, we hot glued the wire to the bottom of the plant hanger. Hot glue really doesn’t hold it that well. We wrapped one piece of black electrical tape towards the back of the plant hanger (near the wall) so the weight of the cord wouldn’t pull it off the hanger. So far it is working. 

We did buy 9 foot extension cords ($1.98 each) and  replaced the cords that came with the lamps. The original cords were not long enough. MM just cut off the female end and striped the wires to attached them to the sockets. 

I know, not the best directions. I would have loved to have taken pictures of each step, but all four hands were needed. 

What do you think?

IMG_0550I need to clean and hang the mirror. The table is one Will brought home when they redecorated the apartments he lives in. I can’t wait to put something else there.  You can see a reflection of the lamp in the mirror because I have the bathroom mirror in their room so I can paint the wall behind where it goes. (I think that was a run-on sentence. Oh well!)

Our next project for this room are headboards. We are in search for some old, weathered wood. MM surveyed for someone and they have an old barn on the land they are going to tear down. MM is going to get some of that wood for the headboards. We’re just waiting for the barn to come down. Until then, I’m working on the kids bathroom. Which is really now the guest bathroom. 

One project down and so many more to go! What projects are you working on? 

Hope you have a great week!


Oh yea! Total cost…$15.44 for each lamp! 

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Easter on a Budget

 Easte savings

With Easter only a week away, I thought I would share with you some ways that you can save on Easter. 

Retail Consumer says, “According to NRF’s new Easter Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average American celebrating the holiday will spend an average of $137.46 on apparel, food, candy, gifts and more, slightly less than the $145.13 spent last year. Total spending is expected to reach $15.9 billion.” 

WOW! Is what I say. Let’s see if we can cut that down some. 

Reuse Easter Baskets You don’t need to buy a new basket every year. I bought my kids baskets when they were babies and I am still using them 23 years later. They like having their own basket. Your baskets don’t have to be big baskets. The bigger the basket, the more candy required to fill it = more money spent.

Shop for Easter outfits at thrift stores There are plenty of gently used, nice clothing at thrift stores. Why pay full price when you can get it for $5 or less? You can usually find all the accessories to go with the outfit there, too. You can even get the Easter basket there! Baskets can always be painted to make it special. 

Forget the grass Easter grass is like Christmas tinsel. It hangs around forever. Instead of the grass, put some gift tissue on the bottom. $1 for a package.

Use coupons for candy Cut the cost of candy by using coupons. Also, don’t buy candy you know they won’t eat. Mine hate the traditional Easter candy. I don’t waste my money on it. I need to check and see if it is cheaper to buy candy from the “regular” candy aisle instead of the special holiday candy aisle. (I just thought of that.) I’ll let you know what I find.

Shop the Dollar Store See what candy, decorations and baskets the dollar store may have. Careful though. It is easy to overspend at the dollar store.

Useful basket Instead of all candy, put things in their basket they can use. One year I gave them all beach towels, goggles, and a pool toy. This may be a bit more expensive, but it kills two birds with one stone. Now that mine are in college, I will give them things like gift cards (for groceries and other needed items) or even put cash in their eggs. All this may not “save” me money, but I also know it isn’t wasted money. Right now, they are very grateful for the extra financial help. 

Easter Dinner Let’s face it, eating out is expensive. Not to mention that the restaurants are very crowded. You can cook for much cheaper. I know, who wants to cook on Easter? Prepare the meal ahead of time and refrigerate until it’s time to cook. Go for the easy dishes. Here is our Easter menu. Don’t forget to use coupons if you can!

Easter MenuHere are some links a couple of the recipes I will be using. 

ham Yummy ham! It’ s cooked in the crock pot!

 bunny cakeMake whatever flavor cake you want. The picture above shows you how to cut it. We don’t like coconut so I leave that off. My bunny is usually brown. I We love chocolate. 

I hope this will help you to keep your costs down. What ways do you keep your Easter costs down? I’d love for you to share your ideas. 

Last tip: Remember what we are celebrating. The Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He LIVES! Hallelujah!


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The Dedicated House

Ways to Use your homr My Man and I dedicated our house to the Lord when we built it. We wanted it to be used for His purposes and glory. Never did I imagine all the ways He has used it over the past two decades. I hope this gives you an idea of how He can use your home for His glory also.

With Kids in Mind

  • Easter Egg Hunt We held our churches first Easter Egg hunt at our home. If your yard is big enough, have an Easter egg hunt, even if it is just for your child’s Sunday School class.
  • Bon Fires We have had many bon fires for the youth of our church. These are a big hit. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, playing Capture the Flag. My college kids still like to do this.
  • Spend the Nights Every year, local churches of our area have an event called the Mix. People in the church are asked to volunteer to have either the boys or the girls spend the weekend in our homes. They are only there to sleep. Yea right! The kids love it!
  • Pool Parties We have had not only the youth group over for pool parties, but also the cross-country team as well. 
  • Homecomings and Proms My daughter has had her friends over a couple of time to get ready for Homecoming and Prom. We hired someone to come and do their hair and make-up. One homecoming we even hosted dinner. All the parents pitched in and brought a different part of the meal. We sat tables out with table clothes, flowers and candles. We put out the fine china, silverware and glasses. The guys loved this because it saved them all some money. 
  • Prom After Party Although we have never done this, some of my friends have. Great way to know where your kids are after the prom. 
  • Alternative Prom We have never done this either, but have strongly considered it. My kids really didn’t enjoy the prom itself. The girls enjoyed getting ready and they all enjoyed eating out, but the prom was a big flop because of the music chosen and the punch was always spiked. This could easily be done with the help of other parents. Make sure your kids are alright with the idea or it will be a huge waste of time and money. 
  •  Open and Available Some of my kids friends went through some pretty rough times during high school years. I always let them know they had a safe place to come to if needed. They all had my cell number. 

With Grown-Ups in Mind

  • Hold a Bible Study Monthly or weekly, which ever your schedule will allow. 
  • Monthly Ministry Meetings Each month, we ladies of the church have a Women on Mission meeting. We meet at each other’s homes. Be willing for your home to be a meeting place. 
  • Book Club I don’t personally belong to a book club, but I know some ladies that are. They meet in each other’s homes to discuss the books they read. 
  • Sunday School Social Every once in a while we will have a Sunday School Social. Be willing to host one at your home. 
  • Church Wide Social I’m not talking about having your whole church over at one time. It’s called Salt Shakers. You do this for 4 months at a time. Have everyone who wants to participate sign up. Then break everyone down into groups of 4 couples. (A couple can be 2 singles who want to pair-up or the single can come by themself) Each couple is responsible for a different part of the meal. Meat and tea (this couple is the host for the month), vegetables, salad and bread, and dessert. Each month you are responsible for a different part of the meal and you meet in different homes. The neat thing is each month, you may meet with totally different people than you met with the month before. Church prospects are invited as guests. They don’t bring anything. The host couple chooses the meat to serve and everyone else coordinates around it.
  • Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party Not everyone likes to go clubbing or to office parties. You could have just few people over. Play games, socialize and enjoy yourself.
  • Dinner Party We like to have one or two couples over occasionally for dinner. Summer is a great time for this. Barbecue and outdoors with good friends is a blessing. Also, it’s a good time to invite someone who doesn’t go to church to join you. 

These are just a few of the ways you ca use your home for the Lord. The possibilities are endless. God has lots of ideas. What are some ways you have used your home for the Lord? I could always use another good idea! 


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